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to LaFollette Methodist Church


             Who We Are


We are a congregation made up of ordinary folks with a love for the Lord. We are traditional in our faith - professing the orthodox teachings of Christianity that have been faithfully passed down to us from generations past, and firmly grounded in Scripture.


If you are searching for a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, then we invite you

to join us as we grow in our faith. 


In 2020 our Church celebrated over 180 years of ministry in Campbell County! We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful heritage of Christian ministry

On May 29. 2023 the congregation voted to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church, and became the LaFollette Methodist Church. 


In August 2023, we joined The Global Methodist Church.

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Come for worship and stay for Sunday School! The Mayberry Class meets at the end of the education hallway. They watch an episode of The Andy Griffith Show, drawing moral and Biblical lessons. The Wesley Study Class meets at the end of the office hallway. They are currently studying the letter of James in light of John Wesley's teachings; using the Quarterly Lessons format. Additionally, we have a video-discussion based study on the Gospel of Mark held in the library. Each of these meet immediately after worship around 10:10 am.

Sunday School is a priority for you and your family! We are asking you to prayerfully consider joining, leading or co-leading a small group on Sundays at 10:15am. Spiritually and historically, we are our best when we are in small groups! We know that God will bless our efforts and multiply our numbers when we gather in Sunday School. And, while that is great, we are asking you to make discipleship a priority not for church growth, but for your own spiritual growth!

Sunday School teachers and co-teachers are needed! Our goal is to start one to two new Sunday School classes before Easter! Please see Laura Broyles if you can help. Catechism and Confirmation are vital paths of discipleship to build a solid Christian foundation. Children, youth, teenagers, parents and adults can all benefit from these ancient and historical classes. These classes are now being developed, and a schedule for 2024 available soon!

Sunday School

QR code for giving. Simply line your camera up to image and click on link that comes up and it will take you to the giving site to make a donation
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Rev. Dr. Chris Stanfield, pastor

Chris served as our pastor from 2013 - 2021.  He currently serves a congregation in Knox Co., but has offered to pastor our Church also.

Chris is a former US Navy Chaplain, served two decades as an elder in the United Methodist Church, and is currently a clergy member of the Global Methodist Church.

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